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Cancard is proud to announce that we are now official distributors of Pointman USA thermal card printers, readers and supplies.

About Us

We started business in January 1989 as Canadian Card Systems Inc. printing small orders of plastic cards and selling and servicing Norcom embossers and imprinters. As our business grew we added more products that built on our knowledge of the markets and our ability to properly service what we sold. For clarity purposes we changed our name to Cancard Inc. in 2012. Today we focus on the following markets:

  • Tagging and labelling applications for tracking work in progress through high heat, painting, galvanizing, or shot blasting processes which destroy most labels or tags.
  • High speed credit card embossers, thermal printers and mailing systems for card issuers.
  • Queuing, way-finding and registration systems and kiosks for hospitals and clinics and retailers.
  • Photo ID services and machines for those needing photo ID.
  • Specialized Medical Equipment (medical carts and customized work stations).
  • Third party service on any electro-mechanical equipment.
  • Access Management Systems (door locks, cards etc. from BadgePass Inc and Allegion).
  • Credential Management (card issuance and tracking).
  • Low cost card printers (from Pointman and Matica).

We normally sell “off the shelf” products but we work with our suppliers and customers to customize machines to meet the customer’s specific needs. We have customized card mailing machines and sorters, metal tag embossers, labelling equipment and workstations on wheels. After all you want the right equipment for your job and we want to work with you to get it.

Industries & Solutions


Hospital ADT (admitting, discharge, transfer)

Patient Identification Systems

Patient Care



Aerospace, Automotive and Steel Fabricating

  • Laser printers which print metal tags, on demand, with bar-codes and other information, to track work-in-process through painting, galvanizing, shot-blasting, high heat and other extreme processes.
  • Machines to emboss metal tags, on demand, with crucial information and 2D bar-codes, for tracking work-in-process through multiple manufacturing stages.
  • Bar-coded labels designed for long life, paint processes or other extreme manufacturing conditions.

Shipbuilding, Power Stations and Asset Management

  • Metal tags and labels for identifying conduit, wires, pipes and valves and fixed assets from various manufacturers.
  • Embossers and printers, tags and labels from CIM, Infosight and ImageTek.
  • Access Control and Credential Management Systems and Software.


Forestry / Other

Tree farms, Nurseries, and most asset management applications

  • Metal tags and plastic labels able to withstand extreme weather conditions and air pollution for years.
  • Access Control and Credential Management Systems and Software.

Credit Cards

  • High speed card embossers and thermal printers for high volume card service bureaus.
  • Card mailing systems
  • Third party service for DataCard and NBS machines by our trained service technicians.

Photo Identification

  • Whether you need one badge or a million, we can do it for you or supply you with the equipment, software and supplies to do it yourself. We offer a variety of solutions including Matica, CIM and Pointman.
  • Cancard is proud to announce that we are now official distributors of Pointman USA thermal card printers, readers and supplies.
  • Access Control and Credential Management Systems and Software.

Third Party Service

  • Our service staff are extremely versatile electro-mechanical technicians enabling us to service competitors’ equipment as well as any specialized machines our customers need maintained or serviced.
  • We currently service the following manufacturers and products:
    • Matica
    • HD Fargo
    • CIM
    • Addressograph/Newbold
    • NBS
    • Imagetek
    • Infosight
    • Ergotron
    • Capsa
    • Humanscale

In-House Service Bureau

  • An ideal solution for those who can’t cost justify new equipment. We offer: embossing (plastic cards or metal tags), thermal printing and barcoding, Photo ID printing and much more. Please call us with your specific needs.

Mobile Identification

  • Safetrust leverages the efficiency and functionality of your mobile device by allowing you to use it to access buildings, PCs, secure email, and does so while giving you the option to do away with traditional access cards and usernames/passwords.
  • Cancard is proud to announce that we are now official distributors of Safetrust mobile solutions.

Products & Supplies

Hospital ADT Applications

Metal Tagging

  • Cancard DM411 Metal Tag Embosser
    (For embossing the rugged 2D bar on metal tags)
  • Cancard Prospector 610
  • InfoSight Laser printers and tags
  • CIM ME2000
  • Matica C410
  • Metal Tags (Damon)

Industrial Labelling Applications

  • ImageTek labels and labeling equipment
  • Commercial and Industrial Grade Label Printers

Customer/Patient Tracking, Workflow Management

Photo ID & Application Software

Mobile Identification

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Cancard Prospector 610 Embosser

For Core Sample Boxes

P610 Picture

The Prospector 610 Embosser is a fully automatic and cost effective way to produce legible and long lasting core sample box tags in the field. Combining the reliability, quality and portability of a light weight yet durable machine to stand up in the harsh environments found in the mining industry.



The Prospector 610 is a compact system offering portability that is critical when moving the system from site to site. The embosser is mounted in a rapid deployment case that is specific to the system to ensure safe and easy transport. Inside the Embosser case you will find everything that is needed to produce metal tags onsite including a spot for extra tags.

Embosser Works Production software

Every Prospector 610 system comes with Embosser works Production software enabling automatic production from a database and pre-defined tag layout. Optional database types include: Excel .xls, Access.mdb, Text .txt or.csv, Dbase .dbf


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Cancard DM411

2D DataMatrix Capable Automatic Tag Embosser

DM411 Picture

CanCard Inc. has designed a unique solution to a durable, reliable machine readable DataMatrix code for severe environments. Our customer's needed a quick and economical method using proven technology. The mark not only had to survive harsh environments but be readable after other processes such as heat treating , painting and sandblasting. Speed and reliability were essential and important considerations for any of our assembly line customers.

With CanCard's 20 years experience in providing embossers for the automotive, steel fabricator and aerospace industries, we knew we had a durable proven method of producing a permanent mark without going to the expense of incorporating a laser. The DataMatrix code had become the industrial standard for a durable 2D code. Our solution was to combine the DataMatrix code with the embosser to produce a robust barcode tag that could survive the harsh environments of our clientele.


Universal Plate Feeder

The universal plate feeder, available on the Cancard DM411 can easily be adapted to accommodate plates of various sizes and shapes. Simply untighten the knob on top of the feeder and adjust the X-Y axis to the desired plate size to be personalized at any moment. It's that easy!

Universal Clamp

The internal clamp that holds plates during the embossing process, is designed so that variable plate sizes, shapes and thicknesses can be embossed without any adjustment. This means that each of these systems can easily be switched from one personalization job to another without any complex adjustments on behalf of the operator.

Gear Driven Embossing Wheel

A new revolutionary gear-driven embossing wheel mechanism not only warrants increased speed, higher precision and reliability over time, but also a more silent operation than before. The Cancard DM411 is the fastest and most silent embosser in its category.

Heavy Duty Embossing Mechanism

The Cancard DM411 is equipped with a heavy duty embossing mechanism which includes a powerful hightorque motor, high percussion embossing arms, hardened drum and special hardened fonts to personalize plates of various materials (steel, iron, aluminium, bronze, etc.) and thicknesses with a very high quality result.

Other Features:

On or Offline

An external LCD display, available on all models, provides the operator with continuous machine status and allows the monitoring of the plate personalization process. The RS232 port allows all three systems to be operated through an on-line connection to a PC or host computer. Data can also be entered through a keyboard in an off-line mode, using the LCD display to view the information being typed.

Large Variety of Embossing Wheels and Font Sizes

To accommodate the many different requirements across industries, the DM411 can be equipped with a large variety of embossing wheels and font styles. Embossing drum capacity ranges from 60 to 100 character slots, and special drums are available for the automotive industry to accommodate specially designed fonts and dual sets of fonts. Standard font sizes range from 0,12" to 0,48" in height and most are available in embossing, debossing and indent. Special fonts and logos can be manufactured upon request.

Side Eject or Fifo Output Stacker

The DM411 is usually equipped with a side-eject system with an external plate collection tray. This is particularly suited in those cases where plate sizes and shapes are changed frequently. However, for larger volumes of a specified plate size, an optional FIFO elevator mechanism is available. An optional "unloader full" sensor which halts machine operation when the FIFO stacker is full of embossed plates can be delivered on both systems.


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