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Whether you need a new set of identification cards for your employees or want to implement a new queuing system, Cancard can help your business by providing a secure tracking and identity solution. Our ultimate goal is to make sure our clients never lose track of the information they depend on to keep their business running smoothly. Contact us now to learn more about our offerings and how they can help bring order to your business activities. Cancard has a dedicated team of very capable and industry renowned field-based service technicians who are dedicated to keep our customers running. Read more >>

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Healthcare organizations rely on Decontamination, Tracking, and Identity solutions offered by Cancard Inc.


Cancard Inc. Tracking and Identity solution offers vital tool for the variety of businesses we support.


Colleges or universities can easily implement identity systems that perform basic Identity management.

Central Issuance

Cancard Inc. Identity Management offers high definition and edge-to-edge printing technology for Central Issuance 


Government agencies and departments value the quality and security Cancard’s identification solutions provide.

Industrial Goods

Solving challenging metal marking, tracking and identifying needs for manufacturing and industrial customers.

News & Updates

Cancard Healthcare and Steril-Aire are excited to announce exclusive commercial partnership for the Canadian market. Steril-Aire, a leader in High Output UVC Emitters™, offers enhanced ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (eUVGI) products that are used for Airborne disinfection, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) treatment across 60 countries today.

Steril-Aire founded in 1994, launched an industry with its multi-patented UVC Emitters, after a decade of intensive research and development, for the cold, moving air of an HVAC system as well as other specialized applications. Steril-Aire remains the unrivalled airborne disinfection leader with decades of success in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) improvement for commercial and residential heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.

This partnership will help Cancard and Steril-Aire address growing needs for airborne droplet nuclei and particulate decontamination for hospitals, offices, retail outlets, residential building and other indoor spaces. Enhanced ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (eUVGI) products and UVC in general has not been tested yet on COVID-19 but earlier generations of Coronavirus have shown vulnerability to UVC. In a study conducted by Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, eUVGI decreased HVAC microbial colonization and was associated with reduced neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) environment and tracheal microbial colonization. Significant reductions in ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) and antibiotic use were also associated with eUVGI in this single-center study. 

Cancard team is looking forward to bringing our Steril-Aire line of UVC products to our customers in next few weeks and months. Please contact email at or call us at +1.647.910.1110.