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Discover the top-quality retransfer ID card printers for secure and professional card printing. Browse our selection of reliable printers, designed to deliver high-resolution images and advanced security features.


Retransfer Printing offers an over-the-edge card printing solution. What does this mean? Unlike DTC (Direct-To-Card) printers that leave a thin border on the printed card, retransfer printing prints over the entire surface of the card. This is possible due to the unique printing process. Each image is printed onto a retransfer film instead of on the card surface. The printed film is then bonded to the card surface providing a clean, crisp image that is not affected by imperfections on the card surface, making them the ideal choice for printing on access control cards. Cancard’s Retransfer Printers can be upgraded with various technology modules such as magnetic stripe encoders, contact chips and contactless encoders.  A lamination module can be added inline to provide an extra layer of surface protection.

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