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RTLS Technology

RTLS Technology

RTLS SmartTag™ & Wearables


Enhance operational efficiency with RTLS SmartTag and wearable technology. Our real-time location system offers precise location tracking and asset management solutions. Discover smart wearables for accurate indoor positioning and location intelligence. Elevate your tracking capabilities with our advanced IoT devices


Accurate real-time location systems (RTLS) can help revolutionize and automate clinical operations empowering staff to focus on what matters most – delivering quality healthcare.

Advanced RTLS applications are providing the means for healthcare to innovate and become ultra-efficient. Sonitor Technologies is helping to drive this transformation with its revolutionary RTLS platform, Sonitor Sense™. With an open integration platform, combination of High Definition Ultrasound™ technology and Wi-Fi, Low Frequency RF sensory technologies and intelligent Sonitor Sense™ Tags that adapt to their environment, global partners are assured of a superior platform on which they can innovate. From nurse call to infection control, and patient flow to asset management, Sonitor is the sensible choice for application partners.

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