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mobile identification

A secure, trusted mobile identity solution which enables access cards to be stored and used virtually from your mobile device.

Mobile Identification

Safetrust Wallet

All your cards, all in one place
No need to write down pass-codes or worry about leaving your access cards laying around. The Safetrust Wallet allows users to store virtual credentials from multiple trusted sources. Virtual credentials such as building access cards, corporate identities, club memberships or payment cards, can be securely stored in your Safetrust Wallet, allowing you to carry your credentials with you everywhere you go.

Mobile Identification


This technology leverages industry-leading security combined with a simple design that will upgrade any door for mobility.

The SABRE DECAL is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to RFID gateway module that allows an existing building access reader to communicate securely with a mobile device. ‘Peel and Stick’ our SABRE DECAL on or inside the existing reader surface to completely transform your legacy systems.

RFID Readers

By providing a choice of credential technologies that includes standard Proximity (125 kHz), Smart (13.56 MHz) and Bluetooth®, customers have the ability to set their own migration path to secure credentials. With both Wiegand and Serial versions, these RFID readers are capable of working with a wide variety of legacy access control panels.

key features

Credential Consolidation

With SafeAccess, there is no need to have a seperate card credential issued for each location you may need to visit. Multiple virtual credentials can now be issued to a single Wallet to replace the many cards a person may have for their different access systems.


SafeAccess technology is compatible with most building access systems on the market today, from the legacy 125kHz Proximity based systems, through to the more secure 13.56MHz MIFARE / DesFire Ev1 systems. SafeAccess can also be integrated with highly secure systems such as those that support the Protocol for Lightweight Authentication of Identity (PLAID) or Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Cardholder Authentication.

Increased Security

SafeAccess allows Administrators to quickly and easily increase their security by replacing card based credentials, that are easily stiffed or duplicated, with virtual credentials stored securely within a mobile device.

Lifecycle Management

With SafeAccess, virtual credentials can be quickly issued, suspended or revoked with the click of a button. Virtual credentials can easily be replaced or updated without impacting end users, providing increased flexibility for Administrators wanting to issue short and long term credentials.