CIM E1000 Plastic Card Embosser

The CIM E1000 Plastic Card Embosser is your perfect solution for card embossing personalization – it combines desktop dimensions with heavy-duty performance. The E 1000 Pro Series is designed for banks, credit institutions, insurance companies, casinos, clubs/ associations, governments, petroleum companies, and service bureau. 

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The E1000 plastic card embosser provides rugged performance and is easily integrated into any work environment. This Pro Series embossing machine is ideally suited for use in banks, credit unions, insurance companies, casinos and any service bureau performing card issuance.


The E2000 is fast and flexible, using the Multi Smart Processing system enabling it to process three cards at once.  Furthermore, the versatility of this model is showcased by its ability to manage embossing, infill and tipping, magnetic stripe and/or contact and contactless card encoding in a single card flow. Special characters can be added to enable VISA and MasterCard personalization with dual infill personalization on both sides of the card simultaneously.

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