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CP 500 Card Printer

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The CP500 is unique in its design, combining the best features of 600dpi and pigment ink with upgradeable personalization elements that make it the market’s best secure card printing solution.


The CP500 is able to personalize a multitude of different cards including secure contactless, contact and mag-stripe.  The retransfer print process allows for edge-to-edge printing and what sets the CP500 apart is the use of customizable primers over targeted areas of the cards to allow for chip technology or encoded data without requiring lamination cut-outs.


The pigment ink for the CP500 is inorganic and creates vibrant colors that are UV resistant and will not fade for the document’s lifetime. The 600dpi printing feature produces the highest quality and highest-resolution images that are wear and fade resistant enabling this printer to produce easy point-of-use authenticity and verification protection.


As the supply of consumables for the CP500 is carefully controlled there is built-in protection against fraudulent card duplication and ID counterfeiting.


The versatility of the CP500 is showcased by the availability of on-site installation and user-directed customization of contact/contactless and mag-stripe encoding. Users are also able to produce cards without the use of a laminator thereby reducing cost and complexity. Protection against tampering is available in the form of tamper-evident seals. Combined with holograms, barcodes, micro-text and other features, maximum security card production can be achieved.

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