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LabeLase 1000

The InfoSight LabeLase 1000 Tag Printer is designed to function like the PC printer that fits into just as small a space. It plugs directly into the back of your PC, and with the free Producer software.

Printers as Tough as the Tags They Print

InfoSight makes rugged printers and tough metal tags. As a system they deliver the efficiencies of bar coding and
the safety of product traceability, especially for heavy industry, product manufacturing and facilities with extreme production conditions.

LabeLase® printers routinely exceed one million print cycles, and our free Producer™ software makes them easy to use. Features include continuous printing, easy tag design and straightforward systems integration.

LabeLase printers are welcome in offices and on manufacturing shop floors, because they are compact, quiet and easy to maintain. The also eliminate ribbons, inks and other consumables.

InfoSight printers provide:

  • Speed, clarity and unsurpassed flexibility.
  • Print on-command or by network control.
  • PC-compatible fonts, bar codes, logos.
  • Worldwide 24/7 live technical assistance.
  • Industry leading efficiency and value.

LL1000P and JM410 : Plate printers for die-cut labels and tags used on finished products and heavy equipment.
LL1000 : The world’s top selling industrial coated-metal tag printer
LL1000V : Vector printing for metal tags and UID flexible polyacrylic labels.
LL3000 : A desktop printer three times faster than the LL1000 for more data and bigger tags.
LL4000 : Our fastest desktop printer at roughly 10X faster than the LL1000, and available with 60W, 80W, or 100W laser.
LL2800 : High speed printers for high volume
Family : shop floors